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EDITOR-IN-CHIEF: Christopher P . Cannon, MD CardioSource WorldNews, an official publication of the American College of Cardiology, offers news and in-depth analysis on the latest advances in the cardiology arena. Launched in 2012, CSWN is backed by the world’s leading cardiovascular medical society—allowing us to utilize resources and talent inside the ACC in the pursuit of timely and engaging medical reporting . From in-depth looks into evolving science and issues impacting medical practices, to graphic Numberand experts in Cardiology, CSWN aims to both inform and entertain.  Sales: Linsey Rosenthal & Adam Sansolo – E-mail: – E-mail: Classified: Lauran Morgan – E-mail: Digital Operations: Chris Gedikli – E-mail: Production: Stephanie Maloney – E-mail: 1. Journal of American College of Cardiology ( 2. CardioSource WorldNews ( 3. ( 4. Daily Newspaper CSWN Rate Card CSI Rate Card





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